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  • a seemingly magical process of transformation or creation 
  • the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary

Designed to enable you to alchemize your life by focusing on your dreams; while releasing limitations around the creation of your life vision.

The Life Alchemy Programme is the elixir to success and creating whatsoever your goal is. Whether in business or personal, this will
enable you to glow and grow in all areas of your life.

It is specifically for game changers, those who are ready for radical growth, and those who have a Life Vision. The Life Alchemy Programme is ideal for you if you are wanting to experience a new level of success, birth a new creation or project (such as a new business or publishing a book), or are a metaphysical practitioner or coach wanting more clients.

Imagine being able to have the freedom to create, engage, and relate to people on a personal and professional level; while working on whatever it is that will give your life meaning? Imagine if clearing the trauma, past experiences and any challenges you didn’t even know existed, were all that you needed to live better? What difference would aligning with success make in your life? Working with me has every potential to shift these elements, and alchemize your “dream life” enabling you to live your Life Vision daily!

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7 x 1hr One-on-One Coaching Sessions

2 x 45min Additional Coaching Calls

Additional Guided Mediations and Bonus Guides

Worksheets with Journal Prompts & Journal Entry Reviews

3 Months to Complete

Release the negative beliefs that are associated with parents that limit you, release anger, criticism, rejections, resentment, expectations, fears, and disappointments.

Are you still energetically tied to any part of your past? If so, is it holding you back in some way now? What is still draining your energy from past relationships, jobs; attachments to past successes or failures?

What will your friends and family say if you change professions now? Is there a fear of abundance if you do this? How will others react to your changes? Do you have a fear of rejection from society? Genetic self confidence beliefs? Do you allow yourself to be who you really are?

What will your friends and family say if you change professions now? Is there a fear of abundance if you do this? How will others react to your changes? Do you have a fear of rejection from society? Genetic self confidence beliefs? Do you allow yourself to be who you really are?

How will your peers react to your change and successes?

Will they be jealous or angry?

Will your friendships change?

  • What are the issues that are hindering your abilities?
  • What if these are resolved?
  • Can you embrace success?
  • Are you worthy and deserving of it now?

We will look at what your comfort zone is and going beyond that, and any blocks to doing this Grow your business as you wish. Are you comfortable with success? Do you have a fear of using your true power and potential?

All of the belief work and coaching you did throughout the programme will help you eliminate numerous barriers to this; you will have much stronger power to manifest now!

You will be able to share your newly alchemized life vision with me, your coach so that I can teach you the power of your dreams.

Contact Number 
+27 84 469 3704

Johannesburg, South Africa
Online and in-person sessions available

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