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Alignment & Success Coach, ThetaHealing® Practitioner
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At Aligned With Life, we have a range of different services to suit your needs, with one unifying theme; helping individuals expand their potential and achieve success by aligning them to their true sense of self and purpose.

Hi, I am Michellé Pearl

Change is my passion! I am an international speaker, and global Business Owner as a Coach and Instructor, who is defined as being authentic, energised and as holding a high vibration within all aspects of life. Inspiring those around me to live their highest potential is my purpose!

My key focus is on assisting all individuals who work with me to awaken to their destiny by processing past limitations and traumas; in order to realize and align them with a future that encompasses their greatest expansion.

Having spent most of my own life undertaking a journey of personal development and self-discovery I recognise how intimidating it can be. I believe that I should use my expertise and life experience to assist others as they embark on their own journey. I would like to think that I personify and embody the power of positive change. I am an example of how, with an open mind, support and a willingness to change you can create opportunities.

Using Subconscious Reprogramming and what can only be described as a unique fusion of my talents as Soul-Led Coach, my gifts as a natural born Spiritual Intuitive, as well as being an accomplished ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor, I help align and expand the potential of my clients and students.

With a choice between One-On-One sessions, Packages, Programmes and Accredited ThetaHealing® Courses I can assist YOU in discovering and releasing limiting subconscious belief programs thus enabling you to create wellbeing, prosperity and to live a life that is purpose led.

I believe that EVERY person deserves the opportunity to align with their purpose. By the simple virtue of you finding me you are ready for change on some level, so let us make that happen!

Want to chat to me about your life vision?

Life Alchemy Programme

Designed to enable you to alchemize your life by focusing on your dreams; while releasing limitations around the creation of your life vision.

The Life Alchemy Programme is the elixir to success and creating whatsoever your goal is. Whether in business or personal, this will enable you to glow and grow in all areas of your life.

Start changing your life right now!

Basic DNA Course

This course is a prerequisite for nearly all other Theta Healing® courses. This 3 day course will transform and empower your life! You will discover the amazing potential within yourself as you become aware of the power of your thoughts, and how to instantly change them to create your reality.

Advanced DNA Course

On this 3 day course you will discover more advanced and faster techniques to implement in your healings. You will go deeper into the theta brainwave, release resentments, rejections and regrets of your life. Which will bring more clarity and awareness. Take your journey to the next level of physical healing, emotional wellbeing and spiritual awakening.

Do you want to Be a Thetahealing Practitioner?

Ready to Align & Expand? Start Here.

Soul Align Session

Vibe Higher with a Soul Align session!

  • Designed as a “Feel Good” Energy Healing Treatment, the Soul Align Session includes powerful ThetaHealing® Practices to cleanse and restore the soul in the highest and best way!
  • The following healings will be conducted: Baby in the Womb, Soul Fragment Retrieval, Broken Soul Healing, Release Stagnant Energy, and Downloading Unconditional Love
  • No belief work is done within this session, for that please book a Full ThetaHealing® Session
  • 45 minute session

R888 / $88

Full Alignment & ThetaHealing® Session

Discover How Your Beliefs May be Preventing You From Living the Life You Want Right Now

  • Transform your subconscious limiting beliefs and achieve more love, happiness, well-being and prosperity with a healer supporting you. Whether you’re looking to discover your life purpose, gain clarity on the next step forward, feeling stuck in any area of your life, an advanced ThetaHealer® can help you get there. 
  • Clear Blocks, Release Limiting Beliefs, Download Feelings, Receive Insights
  • 1.5 hour session

R1200 / $111

Abundance Uplevel Package

Activate, Align and Uplevel Abundance

  • A 3 Session package designed to call in abundance on all levels.
  • Discover and remove blocks, align and thrive.
  • INCLUDES: 3 x Integrative Coaching Sessions focused on Abundance Blocks, Abundance Downloads, Manifesting e-Guide and Meditations
  • 3 x 1.5-hour sessions

R3333 / $333

Expanded Potential Package

If you could change one area of your life, what would that be?

  • A structured 4 Session package designed to improve a selected area of your life.
  • INCLUDES: 1 x Connection & Intention Setting Call and bespoke package consisting of 4 x  Integrative Coaching Sessions, Bespoke Meditation & Journal Prompts
  • 4 x 1.5-hour sessions

R4444 / $444