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Connecting you with the divinity within to align with a life you'll love.

My name is Michellé Pearl, creator of Aligned With Life.

I am defined as being authentic, energised and as holding a high vibration within all aspects of life. Inspiring those around me to live their best lives gives me great joy, and is in complete alignment with the change bringer within me.

Having spent most of my own life undertaking a journey of development and self-discovery I recognise how intimidating it can be. I believe that I should use my expertise and experience to help others as they embark on their own journey – let’s leverage each other as we walk this planet. I would like to think that I personify the power of positive change. I am an example of how, with an open mind, support and a willingness to change you can create opportunities. Add in a little faith and you will become the author of your story.

As a natural born Spiritual Intuitive and an accomplished ThetaHealing® Practitioner, I help clients align with their own divinity and truest potential. I assist in discovering and releasing limiting subconscious belief programs which then enable living a life you love.

I believe that EVERY person deserves the opportunity to align with their purpose and live their best life, and have made it my mission in life to change the world, one person at a time.

About ThetaHealing ®

ThetaHealing® is an ancient knowledge that we are now rediscovering. It is a highly versatile energy healing and personal development modality that empowers you for positive change. Through a range of techniques the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed from your limiting beliefs and feelings that are holding you back from happiness, love, wellness, prosperity and abundance.

This complete healing system uses Quantum Physics along with the “theta” and “delta” brainwaves to connect with the energy of creation. Through this connection to All That Is, it is possible to witness instantaneous wellbeing. The ThetaHealing® technique has been used to address a wide variety of physical, emotional and spiritual issues.

Through meditation the ThetaHealing® Technique allows you to change self-limiting beliefs and align your beliefs with the lifestyle you desire. This work shifts your beliefs and energy to match what you want and attract it to you.

You deserve to live a life filled with love and happiness, so let’s get started!

Soul Align Session

Vibe Higher with a Soul Align session!

  • Designed as a “Feel Good” Energy Healing Treatment, the Soul Align Session includes powerful ThetaHealing® Practices to cleanse and restore the soul in the highest and best way!
  • The following healings will be conducted: Baby in the Womb, Soul Fragment Retrieval, Broken Soul Healing, Release Stagnant Energy, and Downloading Unconditional Love
  • No belief work is done within this session, for that please book a Full ThetaHealing® Session
  • 45 minutes
  • R800 / $60

Full ThetaHealing® Session

Discover How Your Beliefs May be Preventing You From Living the Life You Want Right Now

  • Transform your subconscious limiting beliefs and achieve more love, happiness, well-being and prosperity with a healer supporting you. Whether you’re looking to discover your life purpose, gain clarity on the next step forward, feeling stuck in any area of your life, an advanced ThetaHealer® can help you get there.
  • Clear Blocks, Release Limiting Beliefs, Download Feelings, Receive Insights
  • 1 hour 30 minutes 
  • R1,200 / $100

Abundance Activation Session

Perhaps, all you need is the key?

  • A transformative ThetaHealing® Session to align and activate abundance within you!
  • Remove blocks, align and thrive is the concept and outline here.
  • INCLUDES: ThetaHealing® Abundance Block Session, Abundance Downloads, Manifesting eGuide and Meditation
  • 2 hours
  • R1,600 / $140

Contact Number 
+27 84 469 3704

Johannesburg, South Africa
Online and in-person sessions available

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